OKI MX8150

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: OKI
  • Kategoria: Drukarki igłowe
  • Poziom hałasu: 52 dB
  • Szerokość: 68.58 cm
  • Wysokość: 102.87 cm
  • Prędkość druku: 1500 znak/s
1500 lines per minute continuous throughput\n- Available in two designs - Cabinet and Cabinet with SureStak Power Stacker\n- Up to 1500 lines per minute (lpm) print speed\n- Capable of printing up to 1 original and 5 copies\n- Cartridge ribbons - 17,000 or 30,000 page capacity\n- Noise levels as low as 52dBA\n\nThe highest standards for the toughest environments\nThe MX8150 line printers are designed and built to extremely high standards for a non-stop and trouble-free performance in the toughest operating environments. With an innovative design these user-friendly products are feature-rich and highly reliable requiring minimal user intervention.\n\nThe MX8150 is perfect for environments with critical back-office print needs, including:\n- Warehousing and logistics applications\n- Financial institutions\n- Retailing operations\n\nThe unbeatable solution for mission critical printing\nWith a low cost of ownership along with print speeds of up to 1500lpm and the ability to handle varied media, including multi-part tractor fed media, these printers remain the unbeatable solution for applications driven, heavy usage and high volume , mission critical printing.\n\nOKI’s commitment to customers\nWith almost half a century of experience in the impact printer industry, with OKI you are guaranteed a best-in-class, low cost reliable easy to use printer.